Monday, September 17, 2007

Yo! MTV Raps & Puma

This weekend my friends and I hit up the release party for PUMA's new Yo! MTV Raps Clydes sneaks. The music was off da hook. Ol school rhymes were performed by, Grap Luva, Asheru, EmoniFela, Flex Matthews, & Hueman Prophets. The atmosphere was electric and the base was booming. If you werent able to get there that night here are a few pictures and video clips of the night.

Sorry for the long wait...

Running cross country, school, and getting 35 hours a week at work isnt leaving me enough time for Do You! but I will keep up with the posts alot more since I getting adjusted to my schedule. If I had my own personal computer I would be able to do alot more stuff.